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Electric bread marking machine


Marking machine or electric stamp to mark hamburger buns with the logo of the restaurant or hamburger restaurant. It consists of a custom food grade stainless steel stamp with a 650W professional kitchen machine.

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Electric Bread Marking Machine | Professional Kitchen Tool

The electric machine is special for use in humid environments such as kitchens, it is very powerful and its electrical resistance is practically unbreakable.

At Hard Stamps, we present the Electric Bread Marking Machine, an essential tool for every gourmet hamburger restaurant. This professional kitchen machine features an AISI 316 food-grade stainless steel stamp and a powerful 650W heating element, designed for perfect and consistent marking on various bread types.

Key Features:

  1. AISI 316 Food-Grade Stainless Steel Stamp: Our machine includes a high-quality stainless steel stamp, ensuring sanitary standards and exceptional durability. This material is perfect for food contact, providing long-lasting and reliable performance.
  2. 650W Professional Kitchen Machine: The powerful 650W heating element ensures quick and efficient heating, allowing you to mark breads swiftly and consistently. This machine is built to handle the demands of a busy professional kitchen.
  3. Optimal Stamp Sizes: For the best results, our stamps come in two optimal sizes:
    • – 60x20mm Rectangular Stamp: Ideal for clear and detailed branding on hamburger buns.
    • – 40mm Round Stamp: Perfect for logos and circular designs on various bread types. These sizes ensure precise and professional imprints.
  4. Versatile Application: Beyond hamburger buns, this machine is perfect for marking a variety of bread products, including: bao breads, hotdog buns, loaves of bread, pancakes, kebabs, empanadas…
  5. Strong Branding Element: This machine is a powerful branding tool for gourmet hamburger restaurants and bakeries. It allows you to create memorable, professional marks that distinguish your brand and delight your customers.
  6. Easy to Use: The electric bread marking machine is designed for ease of use. Simply plug the stamp over its base, wait until it’s hot and press the burger buns over the machine.


It must be taken into account that food and hamburger buns do not faithfully reproduce complex logos or small letters. It is advisable to engrave simple logos or texts. If in doubt, send the design by email before placing the order.

As for the power regulator, people with experience marking the buns(all the buns are marked at once before starting the service) go so fast that they do not need it. In gourmet applications it is necessary to be able to dial at the most appropriate temperature to achieve the desired level of toasting.

Under no circumstances use a wood thermoengraving machine to mark breads, the machines are damaged by humidity and the stamp degrades.

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